Trade name – STARMAX

Product name – REMAX Shooter Training System

Description – STARMAX is a 3D virtual simulator that enables the training of operators of the Remotely Controlled Weapon System – REMAX in a secure environment, ensuring increased shooter performance and drastically reducing logistical costs associated with training and troop exercises.

Distinctive features – Its operation and integration are carried out through a transport case that accommodates the system and allows its connection with REMAX. The solution is modular and enables training to be conducted in an immersive environment – inside the vehicle or in classrooms.

The instructor interface allows the creation of various scenarios, such as daytime and nighttime missions, low visibility, adverse weather conditions, and simulated malfunctions, enabling the instructor to assess the student’s progress and intervene whenever necessary for corrections. At the end of the training, the system generates comprehensive performance reports.

Product development – STARMAX was developed to allow Military Organizations that already have the REMAX System to enhance the training of their operators. The software is modular and also allows the integration of new elements into its configuration.

List of features and advantages:

  • Higher efficiency in troop training.
  • Savings in resources required for instruction (ammunition/fuel/wear and tear of equipment/weapons).
  • Optimization of time invested in instruction.
  • Modular and multi-platform software.
  • Easily transportable system, compatible with any REMAX systems, including those installed in vehicles.
  • Reduction of risks (accidents/incidents) inherent in military training.
  • List of features and advantages:
  • Robust
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Operate
  • Maintenance in Brazil


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