Commercial Name – REMAX

Product Name – Remotely Controlled Automated Machine Gun Repair System X

Description – The gyro-stabilized weapon system for 12.7mm and 7.62mm machine guns is remotely controlled by an operator located inside an armored wheeled vehicle – light (4×4), medium (6×6), or heavy (8×8) – or on tracks (M113) and tanks.

Distinguishing Features – The REMAX project began in 2006 and achieved the ambitious goal of being the first 100% domestically controlled remotely operated weapon system.

About Product Development – REMAX was developed by ARES based on the requirements of the Brazilian Army (EB) in partnership with the Army Technological Center (CTEx).

List of Features and Advantages

  • Two-axis stabilized system
  • Protected operation inside the vehicle
  • Operation in extreme environmental conditions
  • Daytime, thermal camera, and laser rangefinder
  • State-of-the-art optronic module and electronic components
  • Non-intrusive installation
  • High precision in firing while moving
  • Firing modes – intermittent, burst (configurable), and full.
  • Safe with a capacity of 600 rounds
  • Full HD touchscreen monitor.
  • Optional Laser Warning System (LWS).
  • Automatic Target Tracking (ATT).

Commercial Name – REMAN

Product Name – Armored Manual Weapons Station

Description – REMAN is an armored, manually operated weapons system for various types of machine guns. With a low profile and modular structure, it is designed to be installed on medium and light armored vehicles (wheeled or tracked), capable of operating in extreme environmental conditions and compatible for electric operation (optional).

Distinguishing Features – It is the first 100% Brazilian manual station, whose prototype was presented to the national market in 2015.

About Product Development – It meets the specific requirements of the Brazilian Army, including troop demands, in search of greater armored protection. The fighter has a fully protected station and a self-locking movement system.

List of Features and Advantages

  • Manual movement system with automatic locking.
  • Electric Movement System (optional).
  • Logistics Support in Brazil.
  • Modular Armor
  • Local production.

Commercial Name – UT30BR

Product Name – Remotely Controlled Unmanned 30mm Tower

Description – The UT30BR is equipped with a gyro-stabilized firing control system with electronically controlled elevation and azimuth movements. With biaxial stabilization electro-optical daytime/thermal vision, it features a laser rangefinder (LRF) and a ballistic computer. The primary armament of the UT30BR2 is a 30mm Bushmaster MK44 cannon. The secondary weapon is a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun.

Distinguishing Features – Remotely controlled, the unmanned tower is lightweight and was developed with biaxial gyro-stabilization to be mounted on the exterior of the vehicle, above its roof. The UT30BR is attached without reducing the internal space of the vehicle.

About Product Development – The UT30BR is the result of ARES’ constant investment in technology. Through the Elbit group, of which it is a part, ARES received technology and know-how transfer for the logistical support of UT30BR Systems, which it has been supplying to the Brazilian Army since 2016.

List of Features and Advantages

  • Gyro-stabilized firing control system
  • Remote operation inside the vehicle
  • State-of-the-art sensors and electronic components
  • Two independent optronic modules
  • Full HD touchscreen monitor.
  • Folding mechanism that reduces the tower silhouette, ensuring transportability
  • STANAG 4569 armor – level 2
  • Laser threat detection system
  • Hunter-Killer functionality

Commercial Name – TORC30

Product Name – 30mm Remotely Controlled Tower

Description – The TORC30 system is a low-profile, remotely operated tower with a 360°xN azimuth stabilized Rheinmetall MK30-2/ABM 30mm cannon, capable of elevating to 85° for aerial and ground targets, equipped with a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun. Additionally, it has an advanced Firing Control System (FCS) that includes Automatic Target Tracking (ATT) and a ballistic computer, allowing for high-precision shots (intermittent or burst) during vehicle movement. Its primary armament has a capacity for 600 rounds per minute and features two advanced day and night autonomous observation systems, one for the commander and one for the gunner.

Distinguishing Features – The tower has internal access for ammunition feeding and equipment maintenance, providing combat safety for the crew.

About Product Development – This is another product developed by ARES in partnership with the Army Technological Center (CTEx), to meet the needs of the Brazilian Armed Forces.

List of Features and Advantages

  • Advanced firing control system
  • Intermittent or burst firing mode
  • Capacity for 600 rounds per minute
  • Autonomous day and night observation systems

Commercial Name – CORCED

Product Name – Remotely Controlled Weapon Station for Naval Platforms

Description – CORCED is a stabilized, lightweight weapon station mounted externally on the ship’s deck. This system allows remote operation of a machine gun on a pedestal with cant and elevation movements, with remote aiming and firing of the weapon, performed from a console.

Distinguishing Features – Used in patrol, reconnaissance, and engagement missions of surface targets or low-altitude aerial targets, CORCED has high precision shots while moving, in three options: intermittent, burst, and full.

About Product Development – CORCED was commissioned by EMGEPRON (Naval Projects Management Company), with the intention of ensuring the use of a remotely controlled pedestal for a .50 caliber machine gun. After training in Israel, the result was the delivery of a product with functionalities such as automatic target tracking (ATT), a laser rangefinder with an independent camera, alternative use of the 7.62mm caliber machine gun, automatic loading mechanisms, and a slip-ring.

List of Features and Advantages

  • Stabilized in two axes

  • Remote operation protected inside the vessel

  • Operation in extreme environmental conditions

  • Day and night operation

  • State-of-the-art optronics and electronic components

  • Non-intrusive installation

  • High precision in firing while moving

  • Firing modes – intermittent, burst, and full

  • Automatic target tracking

  • Safe with a capacity of 400 rounds

  • Laser Warning System (LWS) – optional

  • List of Features and Advantages

  • Robust

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to Operate

  • Maintenance in Brazil


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