STARMAX is a training system for REMAX operators, with specific exercises that simulate real environments with increasing difficulty.

The system offers high level preparation to train the troops and many advantages to reduce logistical costs of sending troops to the field, high economy of using real ammunition and also the reduction of equipment and armament wear.

The System includes training steps for movements with moving targets, scenarios that simulate adverse weather conditions, simulation of thermal and night vision and other situations that require from the operator the control of joysticks for correct target engagement.

The operation and integration of STARMAX can be done through a Transport Case that holds the system and allows the connection with REMAX.

The instructor interface screens have several configurations that allow a complete evolution of the training and the possibility of intervene whenever necessary to make corrections. At the end of the training program, the system generates complete performance reports, to ensure better results in the field.

imagem starmax

Portable Suitcase.

  • High effectiveness for training troops
  • Less investment required for instruction (ammunition / fuel)
  • Optimization of the time invested for instruction
  • Modular and multiplatform software
  • Easy transportation, being capable to be used in any REMAX system, including those already installed in Brazilian Army vehicle.
  • Reduction of risks (accidents / incidents) inherent to military instruction


Static or moving vehicles | Static or moving targets


Progressive | Different types of movement


Performance report

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