Panoramic Sight M12

The Panoramic Sight M12 "ARES" is an aiming device, used in combination with numerous pieces of field artillery, and several armored vehicles. It is used usually in indirect fire to azimuth gun laying. However, in case of emergency, may be employed in direct fire laying.

One important characteristic of the Panoramic Sight is that it raises the line of sight and keeps the image of target indifferent to the vertical line of sight movement, that is, towards the front, to the side, or to the rear of the User, the target remains upright.

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7075 Aluminum

Shooting Azimuth Movement

6400 mils

Fast Azimuth Movement

6400 mils

Azimuth Accuracy

± 1,5 mil

Head Elevation Track

From -300 to +440 mils



Line of Sight

160 mils (approx. 9 degrees)

Height Of The Periscope

185 mm


1,7 kg


Configurated as per customer request ( drawing supplied by the customer)

Reticle Illumination

External source with flashlight, not supplied

Scale Ratio

100 mils


ABS filled with Ethafoan polyethylene



Diopter Adjustment

- 2,5 a +2,5 diopters

  • The moving head of the instrument, and consequently the line of sight, may be rotated in 6400 mils with ± 1,5 mil accuracy
  • Mechanism that allows raise or lower the line of sight in 350 mils with ± 1,7 mil accuracy
  • Eye relief of 18,5 mm
  • Line of sight of approximately 90 degrees

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