Aiming Device and Collimator

The Aiming System for Model 2 (SPOTIM M2) Indirect Mortar Fire is an optical equipment used in light and heavy mortar indirect fire. Planned with dioptric adjustment to permit greater aim precision, it is the indispensable equipment for correct utilization of the diverse firing tables for the approved ammunitions used in the mortar provided. The firing tables, of each type of ammunition, indicate which inclination and load of the projection are most adequate for a determined target range.

The aiming device guarantees that the mortar is correctly inclined for the range chosen, besides proportioning the azimuth correction for the located target, using micrometric adjustments in elevation and azimuth, assured by bubble levels.

The Collimator M2A2 is an optical instrument with the function of establishing the axis of the weapon for alignment of the aiming device in light and heavy mortars. It is the indispensable equipment for correct adjustment of the mortar’s aiming device.

The aiming device should have its X,Y,Z reference axises parallel to those of the mortar in use.
Through the joint procedure of the mortar aiming device and collimator, you can assure this parallelism. The Mortar has fine adjustment screws that are regulated in this procedure.

imagem colimador m2a2

Aiming Device


Aiming Device : 1,85 kg
Case: 2,38 kg


Aiming Device: 120º/s para velocidades abaixo de 85º/s
Case: 350 x 260 x 150 mm

Main Components

Set 1: Sight-Elbow
Set 2: Sight Support
Set 3: Azimuth Mechanism
Set 4: Elevation Mechanism

Collimator M2A2


Collimator: 1,60 kg
Case: 2,38 kg


Collimator: 187 x 204 x 134 mm
Case: 350 x 260 x 150 mm

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