The ATENA is a day and night surveillance system that includes a Color TV Daylight Camera, 3rd generation 3-5 µ-m FLIR Sensor, Eye Safe Laser Range Finder (ELRF) and automatic tracking capabilities.

The ATENA is a modular system that can be configured according to the LRUs and have complete independence from marine systems, except for electrical power. As result, removing and replacing LRUs is simple and quick.

imagem atena
imagem atena

Physical Characteristics

System Weight

Turret 34 kg

Turret Dimensions

Diameter: 14.7” | Height: < 60 mm


Integrated sensors

TFLIR, zoom CCD, Laser Range Finder

Horizontal coverage


Vertical coverage

+ 85° -(-35°)

FLIR Sensor

Spectral band

3-5 µm

Sample resolution

640 X 512


Laser Beam Wavelength

1.54 µm

Pulse Energy at Output

8 mJ, nominal


100 m – 20,000 m (Depending on environmental conditions.)

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