The CARDOM is an autonomous, computerized 120 mm recoil mortar system for mounting on light and medium armored tracked carriers and 4x4, 6x6, and 8x8 wheeled armored and light chassis. The CARDOM provides accurate, effective and immediate fire support for rapidly deployed and special forces, as well as for infantry and artillery units. Being NATO qualified, the CARDOM is a modern and battle-proven system that is in active service in modern armies such as the US army within the Stryker 8x8 brigades, the Israel Defense Forces, and other leading armies.

The CARDOM’s unique design enables ground operation of its 120 mm barrel and accommodation of its 81 mm barrel to reduce training costs and ecrease collateral damage when used in urban area and firing on sensitive targets. The CARDOM’s state-of-the-art embedded Fire Control System (FCS) combines an Inertial Navigation System (INS), electrical drives for automatic laying, and an on-board ballistic computer integrated with an in-service Battle Management System (BMS). Together these provide a direct digital link to modern forward observer (FO) target acquisition sensors including up to date UAV’s.

With its light weight and low silhouette, the CARDOM enables the vehicle to maintain floating capability without compromising the enhanced and additional armor needed for the up-to-date airborne expeditionary missions. The CARDOM includes a modern and battleproven shoot-and-scoot capability which provides less than 30 seconds of “first round on target” and the highest maximum rate of fire of 16 rounds per minute. It seamlessly provides “fire for effect” missions from a single barrel mortar carrier. Elbit Systems offers a complete “sensor to shooter to target” solution tailored to meet any customer requirement. The CARDOM comprises complete and advanced mortar force build-up of all levels of battery, battalion and brigade. It ncludes complete vehicle adaptation and integration, full ammunition packages, weapon systems embedded with the FCS battle situation awareness through FDC units, and FO units (ground and UAV). These components are all connected via digital command, control and communication systems.

imagem cardom


7000 metros


81/120 mm smoothbore

Max. Rate of Fire

16 rounds per minute


81 mm,120 mm NATO std. advanced ammo


< 700 KG

Traverse (deg)


Shoot of First Round

< 30 seg

Scoot from Firing


Dual Mode

Mounted & dismounted


2 to 4, carrier dependent

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