Computerized 120 mm recoil mortar system for mounting on light and medium armored tracked carriers and 4x4, 6x6, and 8x8 wheeled armored and light chassis. The CARDOM provides accurate, effective and immediate fire support for rapidly deployed and special forces, as well as for infantry and artillery units.

The CARDOM’s state-of-the-art embedded Fire Control System (FCS) combines an Inertial Navigation System (INS), electrical drives for automatic laying, and an on-board ballistic computer integrated with an in-service Battle Management System (BMS). Together these provide a direct digital link to modern forward observer (FO) target acquisition sensors including up to date UAV’s.

imagem cardom


81/120 mm

Time for First Shot

< 30 seconds

Displacement after shooting


Reach (Unassisted M98 ammunition)

7000 meters

Type of Ammunition

NATO and Russians

Cadence of Shooting

Gust (1º min) - 16 shots/min

Sustained - 4 shots/min


45º to 85º

Storage mode

Up to 15º (fixed)


0º a +/- 210º (azimuth of fire 360º)

Max Azimuth Speed


Max Speed in Elevation


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