UT30 MK2


ARES’ UT30MK2 is a configurable unmanned turret, adding lethal firepower to armored personnel carriers (APC) without comprising troop safety. Built on the success of a fully combat-proven turret in use by numerous armed forces around the world, the UT30MK2 is the latest generation armament system developed by ARES. The modular design enables unmanned and manned turret configuration with easy conversion. Designed with a very low profile, the UT30MK2 encompasses a broad range of weapon systems, countermeasures and advanced electro-optics all developed in-house to deliver reliable, high performance firepower on the battlefield.
Configurable for maximum lethality: The UT30MK2 armament includes the ATK MK44 ABM 30mm gun and a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun delivering the highest first-round and burst hit probability on the market. ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missiles) are fully integrated with the Turret and Turret Fire Control System, Laser Warning System (LWS) and optional Smoke Grenade Launcher System (SGL). The turret’s modular design enables other armament alternatives to be supported and integrated.
Armor-protected for crew safety: Fully overhead with no deck penetration, the UT30MK2 does not compromise the vehicle’s armor protection and preserves existing space within the vehicle. The UT30MK2 provides enhanced situational awareness under closed hatches and is easily adaptable to a wide range of new and existing vehicles. With electro-optics designed specifically for land applications and full ballistic protection, the UT30MK2 offers under-armor reload capability, back-up operation and immediate action capabilities.
High performance firepower: The dual-axis stabilized UT30MK2 is designed for firing on both stationary and on-the-move targets. The advanced fire control system enables effective day, night and all-weather operations. The option of individual gunner and panoramic commander sights – each independently stabilized – enables hunter-killer capability.
Adding to its lethality, the unmanned turret is also fully air burst munition (ABM) capable and operational.
Combat-proven: ARES is a world leader in the area of unmanned turrets. The company’s combat proven solutions are integrated in a range of infantry fighting vehicles in use by numerous armed forces around the world (NATO and others).
Unmanned and manned configurations: The UT30MK2 can be easily converted to the manned configuration. All subsystems are identical and deliver full modularity and equivalent capabilities. This option enables the customer to tailor a manned or unmanned solution for its platform fleet.

    The UT30MK2 turret is comprised of advanced subsystems, all developed and manufactured in house by ARES.

    Advanced fire control system (FCS): The main turret computer, multi-functional displays, and turret sensors calculate the optimized firing data for excellent hit probability in all scenarios, including static and dynamic vehicle and target.

    Electrical Drive Stabilized System (EDSS): Includes turret power drives for elevation and traverse, gunner and commander handles, and gun and turret gyros for autonomous stabilization.

    Gunner and Commander Sights: Comprising day HD TV and thermal cameras, the sights are fully stabilized for advanced stabilization capability and feature two independent automatic target trackers (ATT) for improved hit probability and target engagement.

    Battle Management System (BMS): The UT30MK2 turret is fully integrated and interoperable with ARES’ or the customer’s BMS.

    Protection systems: Smoke grenade launchers and laser warning systems fully integrated to the turret control and fire control systems enabling fast response to different threats levels with variety of reaction levels up to automatic turret movements, automatic smoke grenades discharge and firing.

  • Lethal firepower for APCs
  • Configurable protection, with all explosives and electro-optics housed inside the armor protected turret
  • A broad range of weapon systems, countermeasures and advanced electro-optics
  • Fully overhead, preserving existing space and vehicle’s armor protection
  • High first round and burst hit probability
  • Hunter-killer capability, with independent sights and controls for the commander and gunners
  • Enhanced situational awareness under closed hatches
  • Suitable for vehicle upgrades and new vehicles
  • Combat-proven
  • Cost-effective maintenance
  • Dual-axis stabilized for firing on the move and at moving targets
  • Under armor reload capability
  • Under armor immediate actions and manual back up operation
  • Advanced optics, gun and sights stabilization
  • No hull penetration - armament and observation systems fully operational from within the APC
  • Modular ballistic protection (STANAG 4569 Level 2, 3 ,4 or 6)
  • Autonomous pedestals - Turret, Gunner Sight, and Commander Panoramic Sight (CPS)
  • Smoke Grande Launchers and Laser Warning System Option
  • Air burst ammunition (ABM) support for ground and low flying aerial targets
  • Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) system support
  • Provision for several main gun options

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