The constant search for evolution, drives the company to explore new processes and technologies bringing innovation to your activities, differentiating the competitively and generating numerous benefits for both your staff and your customers, which currently consider the Ares a reference in the Defense market, working with products and solutions that put it in a position of advantage over competitors.

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Aware of the importance of continuous investment in people and enhancement of their skills, and trains its employees empowers Airs aiming at the constant development of its human capital and workforce. To address the current competitive landscape of the corporate world Ares created a training program for People that aims to promote the development of leaders, teams, trainees, and new strategies to prepare professionals for the challenges of the market. This investment puts the Ares in an outstanding position in the market, with a multidisciplinary team able to act at all stages of production processes, management, logistics, marketing, training, maintenance and development of new technologies for the creation of innovative solutions on the market.